26 March 2015

Wedding // The final countdown

engagement ring photographWe took these photos with a remote and tripod, in the back garden whilst we were living in Sussex, a few weeks after getting engaged. And now we have just three weeks until we get married. Three weeks! It is feeling a little surreal that it is so close, after so long of it feeling light years away. The last few weeks have been whizzing by, with the weekends and evenings stuffed full of wedmin. We keep catching each other's eyes and grinning in realisation that it is actually happening!
engagement photography shoot, cherry blossom holding hands, engagement photograph
I wrote this post on weddings almost a year ago, when we were just getting started with planning the wedding. We're a long way from those first thoughts now and it made me think it might be nice to give you all a little update- especially wedding planning is totally to blame for my blogging absence recently!

So, here is our wedding thus far, in numbers! 

drafts of the Order of Service (it might even get finished some day soon!)

metres of garlands ready to hang at the reception

wedding dress, 98% complete

days to get it finished in...

people who have helped us more than we could ever have imagined (DIY weddings are in no way a one man band!)

hours too many spent deciding what on earth to have played at the ceremony...

tubes of gold glitter, being put to good use

spare invitations  thanks to me forgetting that the number of guests doesn't equate to the number of households

of us who teared up a little hearing our banns read out at Manchester Cathedral

bottles of champagne behind our bed 

wedding meltdowns... So far! 

Roll on the 18th of April! Fingers crossed I finish that dress of mine in time...


P.S. If you want a sneak peek of what I've been making the wedding there are a few photos scattered in my instagram feed- chambrayandcurls


05 March 2015

Style // Whiteout

black fedora and white jumper ootd How did March arrive? How am I getting married NEXT MONTH!? This year is absolutely flying by. March is pretty good as far as months go, I think. It feels like Spring is on its way: days are getting longer, plants are getting greener and I've got the urge to wear something other than just black clothing... Even if I am still wearing multiple layers and chunky knits, it seems a little fresher to pull out the light colours, after all these dark months.
Am I the only one that can feel stupidly self conscious in light colours? I always feel like I can be seen more easily if I wear light jeans, that I'm more noticeable, and as someone without the teeniest thighs, that can make me a little anxious. So, I've been chickening out of wearing white denim for a few weeks thanks to irrational fears but made myself just get on and wear them otherwise, eBay sale it is. And you know what? It was a nice change. These jeans are safe from the threat of eBay for now! all white outfit white jeans with a white jumper for spring how to style white denim
Wearing- jeans: Cheap Monday; Jumper: eBay; belt: so old I don't know; Hat: Catarzi by ASOS; bag: Grace Gordon; boots: old Topshop; necklace: gift.



15 February 2015

This Week // #26

big bunches of flowers
{a suitably romantic picture for Valentin's weekend! Photo by Luisa Brimble}

Doing: Some resting. This weekend has been all about the rest. Last week was really busy and I'm suffering for it now with a very irritating cold. I'm currently surrounded by tissues, mugs of tea and bowls of soup- pitiful! I'm a little peeved considering Harry and I wanted to go to the reopening of the Whitworth Art Gallery on Valentines. Instead, I ate chocolate on the sofa and watched films from the 90s... the glamour! So, apologies for the lack of exciting blog content, I haven't left the flat or managed anything worthwhile this weekend! I'm pretty much posting this so that I can have achieved something today...
Loving: Hot baths and candles. There have been a lot this week and I'm very OK with that (even if I have used up too much of my favourite bath oils!) Anytime I'm ill I pretty much live in the bath, I just love feeling so warm!
Wearing: My black jeans, probably too much. Does anyone else go through clothing phases? I fall in love with an item and then don't want to wear anything else for an age!
Daydreaming: About being married. It is all suddenly hitting us that this is happening soon and Harry and I keep on looking at each other and smiling. I thing absolutely nothing will just but at the same time everything will be different- does that make any sense?

Links of the week: 
I've mentioned on my twitter and instagram that Lucy Siegle's book is a brilliant read, and this TED talk of hers is an illuminating one. The sheer scale of consumption is almost terrifying when you see it laid out in numbers like this...
I'm really excited for this pop-up at Selfridges! Gender neutral shopping. I can't wait to see their edit!
Style Stories is my new favourite tumblr. I am so fascinated about how people shop, why they wear what they wear and how their clothes make them feel. Plus there is some great style inspiration!
This GIF made my valentine's day!
New York Fashion week has begun and I have to admit, I almost love the street style more than trawling the shows. I love this collection of snaps.

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